MTV vast production range includes axial, mixed-flow & centrifugal fans.  With a network of designs, engineering, and fabrication resources ensure our systems can be manufactured to suit any required duty.

Axial Fans

We have a large range of axial fans available, MTV design systems that best suits any requirements our clients have. MTV has many types & styles of fans including world-renowned Korfmann brand.

MTV’s range of axial fans includes various diameter sizing, motors, airflow orientation impellers (horizontal or vertical), and coatings. We are flexible and adaptable when it comes to ventilation manufacturing for tunnel & mining application, whether your systems require standalone, in series or parallel our booster, secondary and primary axil fans are built to last.

MTV-LP (Low Pressure)

MTV-LP are generally used for booster application, allowing the air volume to flow at high velocity with Low – Mid pressure.

MTV-LP range from ø300mm to ø2000mm, 11kW to 250kW.


Dia ø 300mm – 2000mm
Air Flow Horizontal or Vertical
Motor 11kW – 250kW
Volts 415v, 690v, 1000v

MTV-HP (High Pressure)

Purposely designed providing the industry with a high-pressure robust unit that delivers airflow at a required duty.

Dia ø 1250mm – 1600mm
Air Flow Horizontal or Vertical
Stages Single, Twin, Triple, Quad
Volts 415v, 690v, 1000v
Volume Range (m3/s) 15 – 72
Pressure (Pa) 1500 – 4200

Large Primary

Designed individually for the specific duty required. Our vast range of axial fans ensures a solution is guaranteed. Turnkey primary ventilation projects are our speciality.


Dia ø 2000mm – 3900mm
Air Flow Horizontal or Vertical
Stages Primary
Volts 415v, 690v, 1000v

Secondary / Primary

Korfmann designs are included into our Mid – High pressure secondary axial fans. Providing reliable single, twin, triple & quad fans as part of stand-alone, in series or parallel configurations.


This integrated design allows for the motor to be mounting directly within the guide vanes cowling creating a resilient and compact design, providing our clients with an efficient and flexible unit, resulting in valuable space upon installation.

Dia ø 300mm – 1800mm
Air Flow Horizontal or Vertical
Stages Single, Twin, Tribble, Quad
Motor 30kW – 630kW
Volts 415v, 690v, 1000v
Volume Range (m3/s) 0.6 – 150
Pressure (Pa) 110 – 8000


This proven design results in a cost-effective and efficient unit. With the impellers working in the opposite rotational twin stage, for a sustainable and liable system.

Dia ø 300mm – 1400mm
Air Flow Horizontal or Vertical
Stages Twin
Motor 15kW – 110kW
Volts 415v, 690v, 1000v
Volume Range (m3/s) 4.2 – 50
Pressure (Pa) 250 – 5500

Centifugal Fans

MTV has decades of knowledge and experience designing and installing centrifugal fans. We supply centrifugal fan designs fit for any purpose, ensuring every client’s expectations are widely met, resulting in constant fresh air.

Dust Collectors

When it comes to dust-removal for clean ventilation MTV use CFT dust collectors. CFT are an innovative solution provider servicing mining, tunnelling, tunnel refurbishment and other specific industrial applications.

Acoustic Reduction Systems

Designed silencers are regularly used in the mining and tunnel industry, from a standard circular silencer to fully enclosed acoustic reduction system, our silencers vary depending on the required application. Each system is designed to provide maximum noise level reduction.

Other Products

  • Ventilation Fan Controls
    • VSD
    • Control Rooms
    • Substations / Transformers
    • VOD (Ventilation On Demand)
  • Drop Board Regulators
  • Damper doors
  • Louver systems

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